Wednesday, April 26, 2017


Pippin finds odd ways to amuse himself...
"Hay, I'm stuck here human!"

His new game while I play with Merlin in the paddock. Of course, the first few times I was quite alarmed...
"HA!  Gotcha!"

I'd rush over to help, only to have him deftly pull his noggin back thru & feinging total innocence. 
I certainly hope he's never really stuck. I'm doubly glad this is the only gate that we didn't Ivy & Grandkids proof. He'd be sticking his head thru everything otherwise!

Meanwhile the human boys had their own adventure...
That's the little guy ready for his first plane ride...

They flew to NC to visit with Kennedy. As you can see Lincoln & Pippin have similar personalities lol
Fun was had by all...
Jefferson was uncertain of the waves, the Daddies built him this tidal pool ❤️


  1. They are having a blast. I love their smiles

    1. Those smiles are pretty special. May be a wee bit biased however 😉

  2. Beautiful boys. This being a Grandmother thing is such fun.