Sunday, April 9, 2017

Equine Affaire...

Hubs & I went to equine Affaire today. Hubs first time, his feet were killing him a few hours in however. I had mercy on him and didnt force him to walk every building as I would've with the girls. He'd volunteered and I very much appreciated that.
We lucked out, arriving just in time for a driving clinic. How awesome is that!  A mini, a pony & a Haflinger took part. Sorry no pix, it was a low light covered arena and nothing turned out. 
Touring the horse barn next up, Sunday I knew isn't the best day to attend as many of the horses have gone or are preparing to head out.  
We'd been to busy the other days with FIL's house. 
I had a short list of things I wished to pick up, sadly Mini gear isn't something most vendors carry, so just a few items gotten.   I did find something the Grandboys will absolutely love, I'll video them when Easter Bunny delivers it!  Also some Chocolate horse head suckers, who'd have thought my Easter basket items would be so equine themed lol
One item I was very dissapointed not to find was a belt for this...
I mean come on, wouldn't you think some vendor, just one at such an enormous Equine event would have leather belts for buckles?  As we sorted thru FIL's house Hubs discovered this treasure.  Solid silver with blue enamel center. I absolutely love it!  Anyone have any ideas where I might find an appropriate belt for it?
Another item Hubs set aside for me...
The family all has its faves, Hubs is birds, one sister is Pandas, one frogs, one cash!  Of course mine are horses, FIL would frequently set aside items to give to one of us that he knew might have a particular fondness for it & appreciate it. I loved this odd little vase, odd in that besides the horse & cow, there are what appear to be "broccoli florets!"
I noticed as I put it in a special place, a paper tucked in its neck. Imagine my surprise that this had apparently been a wedding gift in 1948!!!  It's only blemish is a chip at the top of the neck. What a treasure!
Will always give me fond memories of Ivan.


  1. Speaking of mini gear, I wish I had a photo of the mini's tack locker at the barn. It was a freaking tack store of mini items, with an absurd number of saddle pads in all the colors of the rainbow, a section of several bling bridles with diamonds, rows of colorful leg wraps (do minis need more than big horses LOL), an entire section full of shiny colorful halters, etc etc etc. No other horse had so many versions of particular items, I can only say "tack store." Also cuz everything was brand new and shiny. I'd see the owner taking photos of the mini and finally had to ask, "Do you have a blog?" (the 'b' word I never use around Germans!) She said, "Yes. No. Instagram." Hm! Since the mini was too small to ride, I have no idea why she had so many saddle pads and bridles. The mini was really good at lunging (putting Mag to shame) and ground work though, and some circus tricks. She was trained!

  2. Well, I won't tell the boys they're getting shorted lol. Only reason I may have more than with say Camryn is 1. There are two Mini's & 2. With riding and driving we need more gear. Though at the moment we have only one cart & one saddle, one riding bridle. Halters are the only item they have more of, each has a nylon, will soon have a rope halter, (Merlins will have o rings to also be a side pull, once Lincoln is readying to stop being lead, I don't want him in his mouth) also need to get two buckle nose halters, you can't leave a halter under a driving bridle & I guarantee Hubs is going to start out majorly inept at first. Oops bits, three, one riding and still need two driving bits. I plan to have Vet do mouth check along with dental to better determine if either needs more tongue clearance or whatever.