Friday, November 4, 2011

I Object....Objection overuled...

Camryn here:
Thanks friends for your Get Well wishes, I reallly appreciate everyones thoughts and concerns.  I am feeling better, way better.  Good enough to object about vacation being over, Mom however played judge and overuled my objection, her heels were the gavel so to speak!!!  Well, one heel anyhow, cause her pulled back on one rein and put heel behind my girth causing me to move my butt outta gear on more than one occasion.
I was wanting leaves cause we were riding back in the leaf area, Mom was wanting trotting.  I did a lower head and toss it, her said "NO WAY Gurlfriend" and made me do all this circling stuff.  Bah I say. Not only did I not get my way, but jeez I had to work harder just cause I expressed opinion.
I wasn't done expressing myself, cause after a bit later Mom is riding me back towards the woods (an old not fav destination of mine), it's pretty boggy and some wind "whooshed" in.  I said, "NO way Mom I'm not gonna" and tried to spin. take off and throw a little buck in to prove my point.  Mom again expressed dissatifaction with my opinion saying "You Be-Otch" her one reined me, circled, circled, circled then we went where we'd been heading despite my missgivings.  On the way back to the barn I did some more head lower/shake head in the good tasting leafs area.  You know what I mean, I was thinking bout raising up my bottom in the air.  Mom made me circle trees real quick like, over and over, and over. There are three trees in a line like soldiers, we weaved around them like I was a dog doing agility poles. 
Mom said I can only feel my oats when I get oats, and since I don't get none ever that feeling them is not acceptable. 
After our ride, she lead me all over, having me do all these moving my feets wherever she wanted me to.  Then her tooked her good old time undressing me while I stood tied.  Course after that Mom brushed me good, scratched my chin and gived me my lunch.  All is right in the world once again.


  1. So glad that you are feeling better!! You need to not give your mom a hard time, though. . .even if you do feel a bit spunky!
    I love the new header! So fall!

  2. Now Camryn!! Am I going to hafta come over there??!! You be a good girl for your Mom now!! She's a wonderful Mama and you needs to be obeying her!!
    Alright then.
    I'm glad we had this talk.

    PS Love you Drafty Hafy Girl! (((hug)))

  3. I agree with Allison - the header is beautiful. Camryn, you look gorgeous amongst the color of the leaves.
    It sounds like maybe you got up on the wrong side of the stall. Attitude like that just doesn't fly! Take it easy on mom...OK?!