Monday, March 5, 2012

Big SIGH...

Camryn here:
Had some sad human stuff going on that Mom didn't want to talk about till Dad was home.  Her doesn't like announcing in cyberland when it's just her at home.  Though with 3 dogs in the house shouldn't be a big deal.
Anyhow, last week Dads Stepmom Hazel passed.  She was well into her 90's and had been unwell for sometime.  Dad said last time he was down there he could tell Hazel was ready to go.  Dad's Dad and Hazel live in WV.  Dad was headed down already when Hazel went over the bridge, cause his Dad had called him saying the Dr. said her wouldn't last the day.  Dad hadn't gotten there yet when Mom got the call that Hazel had gone.  Very sad, specialy for Ivan (Dad's Dad).  Mom had to stay home cause her couldn't very well leave me home alone, nor could she ride me all the way to WV! 
So, all went well, the service Dad said was wonderful.  All Ivan's kids n Hazel's kids played well together.  A miracle iffen you knowed some of them!!! 
Dad's home safe n sound, but calling hims Dad daily with some neighbors also checkin on him daily. 
Hazel was scared of horses and didn't like Mom having me.  Now maybe she'll meet some over the bridge and understand just how wonderful we are.
R.I.P. to Hazel.


  1. So sorry to hear about Hazel. Prayers to those left behind, especially for Ivan. When my mom died my father was bereft. Time dulls the ache and good memories bring sunshine and strength.

  2. Sorry about your loss :(
    I hope she does meet some wonderful horses over the bridge.

  3. Hope Ivan comes to live with you guys,a Haffie ,like Camryn, is a GOOD place to get a hug,which would be good for Ivan!