Wednesday, March 7, 2012

More human troubles...

Camryn here:
A week ago today Hazel passed.  Today Ivan (Dad's Dad) got taken to the horsepital.  Seems he forgot to eat and took his nitro pill.  Not good!!!
Luckily Dad has friends calling Ivan regularly, when he didn't answer the phone the caller headed right over finding Ivan passed out.  He should be OK this time "BUT" we be worried bout next time.
Dad headed down again, this time Mom gave him specific instructions to bring Ivan back with him.  Ivan ain't gonna want to at all.  But, Dad can't drop everything like this nonstop and his sisters are no help at all.  Mom says Ivan has to understand if all this running gets Dad sick then Ivan will be stuck with no assist.
Send vibes for Ivan to listen and at least come here for a few weeks while he gets his bearings together afer losing Hazel.


  1. Wishing you well Ivan. Go get some horsey cuddles, best medicine in the world. xx

  2. How tragic - for everyone. I do hope that Ivan comes back. He needs help as he adjusts to being alone. Could he sell his house and afford to move to an independent living community? One that we looked at let people move in even before their homes were sold. For my dad, the move was wonderful. He enjoys being around people and he doesn't have to cook.