Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sorry bout being MIA...

Camryn here:
Sorry bout my going MIA for a while.  Just haven't had time for updates.  Anyhow Grandpa just left for home with Dad a little while ago.  So "hopefully" things will normalize a tad.
Between Grandpa, his little dog Mickey, work, the flower beds, our dogs, and of course me Mom  has been plenty busy.  Grandpa even asked if her ever sits down LOL. 
Grandpa is doing good, Mom said she could tell his spirits were improving when he began walking down to my paddock to give me handfuls of grass.  He's a nice guy, yummy.  That and he's been doing the breakfast and his lunch dishes while Mom is at work last couple days too.  We're hoping he does well at home after his two weeks of down time.  Being home and all alone will probably throw him a bit, hope not badly.
His little dog Mickey is doing much better too.  When they came, Momma noticed her urine was looking odd.  Mom watched closely and saw poor Mickey was actually peeing blood clots.  So Mom took her right into the Vet.  Mickey got the full treatment as Mom had her shaved down so Grandpa wouldn't have to brush her for a while.  Mickey is a Peek A Poo, and looks like pieces and parts of dog, very odd looking actually.  Anyhow, on way to Vet Mom called Mickey's Vet and found her was way behind in vaccinations too.  So her got all her shots, they Xrayed to make sure her didn't have kidney stones, turned out severe bladder infection, found out both ears were way infected to boot.  Poor girl, no wonder her acted all sad at first.  Soooo, Mom has been Mickey's nurse.  Mickey was feeling sooooo much better onced the meds started kicking in too.  Mom pointed out to Ivan that she didn't really have a hunched back after all!  Grandpa had been taking care of Hazel and not realizing something was wrong with lil Mickey.  Mom showed Grandpa how to clean her ears out proper and keep giving all her meds.  Hooves crossed he's able to keep up.
Our dogs liked Mickey but, Mickey being an only child for so long had no idea bout doggy lingo so mainly stuck to the humans.
I haven't been neglected, as Mom has made sure to spend some time deshedding me each day too.  I'm sure now I'll have more attention though.
So, I'll try to keep up better now.


  1. I've been wondering where you have been! I have been missing your shenanigans! Glad your mom took such good care of grandpa and Mickey!

    1. Yeah, I'm sure I'll be up to no good in no time at all again ;)

  2. It's really good of you to be so understanding. Humans have such busy lives sometimes it's up to us to help them cope. Hooves firmly x'd for Mickey and Ivan. xx

  3. Well, since Grandpa gave me green grass n all, I really couldn't be anything but understanding :) Mom says she'll be sure to give me some too since Grandpa has gone home to WV.

  4. Well, it's nice to know that Grandpa is doing a bit better and may be better able to care for himself. I can't imagine how hard it would be to lose someone that close to you. It would be like Doc losing Pippin!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. Boomer is a 'way cool' horse. I love his slow, steady trot.