Saturday, March 10, 2012

For my comfort...

Camryn here:
Mom n Dad were able to steal away for a few hours to keep an appointment made with my comfort in mind...
Isn't it awesome!!!  This is just part of the load in the truck, my trailer is full too!!!  I feel so special cause I don't have to share it with no one, it's all for me.  One of these bags lasts me just shy of a week so I gots enough to last quite a long time.  Dad calculated last load just how long it would be before needing another.  My Dad is sooooo smart cause Mom scheduled this load last month &just used my last bag yesterday.
Grampa is doing good, we'll share more about him and the little monkey dog (that's what she looks like) another time.


  1. Glad Grampa is doing good.

    What a lucky Haffie! All that bedding, all to yourself! I hope you have sweet dreams on that :)

  2. You are indeed a lucky Haffie. Our Mrs. Owner rarely puts bedding in our stalls... well, maybe that's because we rarely go into them! Hmm....wonder if she'd give us a soft bed if she saw us inside more?