Thursday, March 8, 2012

Grampa is here...

Camryn here:
Grampa and his little dog "Mickey" are here.  Lucked out and the Dr. recommended he not be alone.  So, he's here for at least two weeks when his next Dr. appointment is.  Oddly he didn't bring more than enough clothes for a day or two?  Wonder how often he thinks Mom does laundry???
We're hoping that he can be talked into staying up here in Ohio with us/near us.  We'll take that  one step at a time.
We're also keeping his being here on the down-low for a few days.  Otherwise his daughters will converge on him like locusts and he won't get no rest at all.  Yet, they never ever call or go down to visit!  Dad is the one who takes care of everything for him and calls regular like.  But, boy when they want something their on the phone.  They are one of the reasons he moved to WV.  An example being: Dad had a bad car wreck several years ago, he had to be life flighted to the horsepital.  The very day he comed home from the horsepital they all came and honestly expected him to have a cook out for them!!!  One sister is unwelcome here at our house, she dissed Mom one to many times.  She also went around her Dads house after Hazel's funeral taking pictures of the contents in the house!!!  Amazing!
Sorry bout the vent when I only meant to tell you that Ivan is here and doing well.  Even his little dog has been excepted by the pack up at the house.


  1. Glad Grandpa came to stay with you! Take good care of him.