Sunday, January 15, 2012


Camryn here:
In Cardidom when you loose a friend they all say AaaaahRooooo, Onyx, Ivy, Promise, Tye, Dad and Mom are saying that today.  I never knew Mirage, she was Ivy's Momma, and friend to all the others.  After Mom realized she was quickly being over dogged (to many dogs), she decided to rehome Mirage & another named Coach five years ago.  They were the most outgoing of the grown ups and would adapt well to new homes.
Anyhow we just heard from Mirage new person that she'd developed a brain tumor and has crossed over the RainBow Bridge (maybe with Dakota?).
Mirage as a pupster, can you tell she just knows she's beautiful...

Mom's very fav photo of Mirage taken in the garden.  Mom did a painting of this...

Mirage isn't the only one who knew she was beautiful, the judges all agreed, she finished her Championship at the tender age of 9 months old.  The judges just fell in love with her typeyness and her "look at me aren't I wondeful" attitude. At her first show Mirage had a fan club that went nuts as the judge pointed to her for not just Winners Bitch but, Best of Breed (she was just 6 months old).  The Judge looked at Mom saying "I guess I made the right choice"!
But, Mirage wasn't only beautiful on the outside, she was just as beautiful on the inside too.  Besides being CH Pecan Valley NowUCMeNowUDon't, her was a Certified Therapy Delta Dog with Mom.  They'd do visits at a local hospital where Mirage was a favorite on the cancer floors.
Then Mirage took up another career of Motherhood, our Ivy is one of her babies actually.  Her had two litters of beautiful pupsters.
When looking for Mirage's new home a wonderful lady gave Mom a call.  The lady already was owned by one of Onyx sons named Stan.  She was looking for a friend for Stan and one that would maybe do well in therapy work as the lady was a Doctor at a Hospice.  So off Mirage went to help other peoples once again and became Certified with PetPartners and helped more people with Cancer...

Mirage at her new home with buddy Stan in background.
Mirage was and will always be a very, very special girl.  Funny, how Mom was just thinking of her when she got the news of her passing.  She'll be fondly missed and always remembered well...

RIP Mirage, may you race thru Heaven as gleefully as you did here on Earth


  1. Mirage sounds like a wonderful pup! It seems that she had a full and purposeful life. Sweet journey, Mirage.

  2. Such a beautiful girl. Blessings on you and all who loved her.

  3. What a beautiful, talented, fun loving dog. It's so sad to lose them, but great to know she had a great life.

  4. I am sorry to hear about Mirage passing, she was a beautiful girl and so sweet!