Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Remington needs prayers...

Camryn here:
Boy when it rains it pours and I'm not talking bout the rain we had today.  You readers might remember my mentioning Remington who one of our Christophers Pits?  He's the blue in the painting Mom did for Sam.
Anyhow, Remington is in the Horsepital.  Last night he decided his rope toy wasn't just for tugging with, and he ate it!!!  So, besides needing to grow some brains, he needs prayers too.  Fortunalty Chris realized right away that the dissapeared rope toy didn't dissapear without help.  So, he dropped Remi off at the Horsepital first thing this morning.  Last we heard the Dr. had given Remi some morphine which would induce naseau.  Remi brought up half the rope shortly after but, there is still more there.  Iffen he doesn't bring up the rest soon, he'll have surgery.
This is Remi's 2nd time under the knife for eating what he shouldn't.  Hence the comment about growing a brain!!!  Last time was after a cookout when someone didn't throw their corn cob in the trash.  Chris was unaware till he called Mom and describing Remi's symptoms.  Mom used to be a Vet Tech and knew right away it was an obstruction.  Remi pulled thru, but was touch and go cause the corn had been stuck long enough for symptoms to start. 
Least this time they knew right way.  Still Remi is a nice dude so please put hands/paws/hooves together in prayer for him.


  1. Poor Remi! I hope he gets the rest of the rope toy up so he doesn't have to have another surgery! Silly dog, stop eating things!

    I'll be wishing him the best! Keep us updated!

  2. I sure hope all goes well. I had one of those dogs without a brain--he had five surgeries for a blockage--not a fun thing to go through.

  3. I hope things turn out well for Remi and that he has learned his lesson! We had a dog that ate a plastic bag with a knot and a corn cob. Luckily he did throw those up and he was fine.
    Pippin has chewed, and chewed, and chewed on baling twine before... I was happy that didn't go down the gullet.
    Silly animals ought to learn what is food and what isn't!