Thursday, January 26, 2012

Got it, but backwards...

Camryn here:
One thing Mom n me been working on is my smiling.  I finally got it, so Mom grabs the camera outa her pocket and asks for a "Smile".
This is what she got hee hee
I smiled all right, but backwards turned away from the camera.  No one can say I don't have a sense of humor!!!  Mom got what her asked for, so of course I got my cookie.  And a good laugh from Mom too.


  1. Ha! Just like a mare to give you what you want, but on her own terms. Silly Camyrn!
    How did you do the smile trick? I was going to try yesterday with that trick, but the scary stick got in the way.

  2. I generaly have my clicker with me down at the barn. So whenever I've caught her doing it "whenever", I'd click (say Smile) and treat. I've done that often enough now that the word "smile" will "sometimes" get me a smile. Just sometimes, but we'll get there eventually

  3. Doc often does the smile (flehmen response). Maybe I should try to clicker train him!
    I had a Golden Retriever who learned to smile on command. She used to smile when she was a bit nervous or excited about seeing a stranger. We built on that. Oh... the strangers weren't quite thrilled with her smile - thinking she was snarling at them!

  4. Awesome! Sooo cute. I "captured" bodhi stretching like a cat with a click the other day. Now he offers it once and a while and I am trying to put it on the cue "yoga" :)

    Love your banner picture! Very cute!