Saturday, January 28, 2012

K-k-krazy windy day...

Camryn here:
Today it's very windy, it's coming from the S.E.  Mom has taken note that I tend to feel nervous when the wind blows from that way.  No big deal as we weren't planning anything today anyway.  I just prefer to eat outside so I can keep watch for those Saber Tooths, but Mom puts lunch inside so it don't blow away.  So, I take a bite, head out, take a bite, head out, rinse/repeat...
Mom headed over next door cause Lori was there and Mom owed her money for Fanatsia tickets.  Danette was saddling Jesse, while Lori was getting Levi ready.  They was gonna take em thru the woods to work in the arena.  After they was all ready Lori didn't wanna leave Eclipse all alone in the barn, so Mom volunteered to lead him. 
Jesse starts off in the lead, Eclipse next, then Levi.  Levi was very up, probably from the wind, so Jesse/Eclipse was walking slow so Lori could keep him in line.  They hadn't gotten far when suddenly Mom hears "look out".  Her turns just as Levi goes by running and bucking, leaving Lori layin in the mud.  Lori was hurting as Levi had planted a hoof in her thigh.  He runned and bucked some more then settled to eat some grass.  Jesse got a tad upset, but Eclipse was like "Jeez Levi your being a DumbA#**!"  So Jesse agreed and relaxed.
 Lori got up after a few and went to collect Levi.  Levi was "no way your not gonna catch me" and took off running back to the barn.  Before heading after him Lori told Mom n Danette to go on to the arena.  So they did, though they kept looking back to make sure Levi wasn't headed thru the woods towards them.  Eclipse and Jesse were very good boys, no sooner did Mom n Danette turn them loose in the arena than they heard "clop, clop, clop".  Lori had caught Levi and walked him over.  Lori pulled down her pants and her gots a good bruise starting.  We very glad she's OK, and that Levi grew his brain back.  Can't blame him though he's a young'un and can't always think good things.
Darn I missed all the excitement!


  1. Ouch! Today was a very windy day for riding. Most horses at my barn were all worked up over the wind.
    Camryn, maybe next time you can be a part of the excitement, just be sure no one gets hurt!

  2. Was it windy? I wouldn't really know! I took the horses to a clinic and was inside most of the day.
    Being bucked off is not fun. I hope Lori isn't hiring too much.