Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Remi update...

Camryn here:
Remi spent yesterday at the Vet, didn't "expel" the rest of the rope.  He was sent home to "watch", which meant a flashlight for every potty break.  Remi was basicaly to doped up to think about doing his "business".  He's spending today at the Vet being watched and given food that should help his rope "slide on out".  He's showing no signs of distress, just being his Remi self.  Which means goofy!!!  The Vet is reluctant to do anything invasive, and hoping the rope will clear itself without the knife.  So long as Remi isn't in distress he'll come home at night and spend the day at the Vet.  They have Day Care so Remi gets to have fun while he's being monitored.  Luckily Chris has health insurance for Emily & Remi so this isn't breaking the bank.
So please keep Remi in your prayers with thoughts of the rope just "moving on out" on it's own.
Thanx friends,


  1. That is awesome that your son has health insurance on the dogs! I bet that saves a ton, especially in instances like these. Is it the VIP insurance? Just wondering because we have thought about it for our dogs.

    Still wishing that Remi gets the rope out the natural way!

  2. Don't know what type insurance. I know he called the Vet's first to find out what companies they excepted and recommended. It's come in handy for him quite a few times.

  3. Good idea about calling the vet. Thanks!