Sunday, February 26, 2012

Blog question...

Camryn here:
I've noticed when commenting on others blogs that there is a place for you to leave a reply for comments.  We've looked for it but, can't find how to add it.  I'd like to reply to comments left on my blog in a simpy way too, so iffen someone could provide instructions to do this I'd surely nicker my thanks :)


  1. I don't recall changing any settings to have the reply/delete option show. I figured it was just something Blogger changed.
    Here are the settings I have on the back end in the Comment tab found in settings. You could check to see if you have the same:
    Comments: show
    Who Can Comment?: Anyone
    Comment Form Placement: Embedded below post
    Comments Default for Posts: New Posts Have Comments
    Backlinks: Show
    Backlinks Default for: New Posts Have Backlinks

    1. Yippee, I got it Thanx tons. Now if u could only help Mom figure out her new smatphone apps! I've never heard such bad language!!!

  2. No idea sorry! I never noticed it before.