Monday, February 20, 2012

Little to the left paleese...

Camryn here:
I've been shedding a while now, just started really dropping coat lots though.  Mom's been currying but, today her broke out a curry with long rubber fingers!  I wasn't sure bout it at first cuz it felt so differant from the little rubber finger one.  After a few strokes I was In Heaven, I was making sure Mom got all the good itchy spots.  A little to the left here paleese, Ahhhhhh, yeah that's it.  Now lower & to the right a tad, Y-eah you got it.  Just above the tail now, if I was a dog I'd have been thumping my foot on that one for sure.  Had my mouth full most of the time as I was eating lunch.  Once Mom hit my shoulders I couldn't help but to do some mutual grooming even with a mouthful of hay.  Mom didn't mind at all!!!  Once she was finished I was like "hey, where you going"?   I left my lunch to follow in the barn, Mom loved that so I got some good rubbing behind both ears <SIGH>
Bummer it's gonna rain the rest of the week, Mom says if I stay dry (like that's gonna happen) she'll be sure to give me lots more long finger curry massaging.
Oh, Mom says to tell ya that the orchids are blooming at work and their beautiful.  Almost as beautiful as me!


  1. ooooohh that sounds sooooooooooo good.

  2. Shy is shedding like crazy, too! She loves the curry.
    More rain? Yuck! So tired of the mud!
    Looks like your mom and I will just miss each other at the horsey buying place, aka Equine Affaire. Too bad, would have been fun to meet!