Sunday, February 12, 2012

Brrrrrr, but I don't care...

Camryn here:
We had snow squalls all day on Saturday.  I don't mind the cold, let the snow fall, but the wind "Oooooh, Saber Tooths abounded everywhere.  One looked remarkably like a Golden Retriever though!!!  The neighbors invisible fence goes out from time to time.  Winston was running my fence with Onyx telling him to go away.  Mom saw and called his peoples to let them know where he was.
So, anyway due to the Saber Tooths I don't like being in the barn & just go in to munch then head right back out.  We only got about 3 inches on the ground, about an inch on me :)  Got more today though Mom didn't bring the camera down...
 I'd shaken much of my snow off when I saw Mom coming all bundled up from the house.  Lucky for me, my winter woolies do their job real good.  "Seriously Mom, picture of my butt all up close and personal"...
Uh Oh, I think I heard a Saber Tooth, gotta go out n check...

Mom couldn't get all my whiskers cause I kept coming in to close and steaming up the lens.  Check out all the ice boogers!!!...

All the wind makes for a really bad hair day for sure, time to head back in for a bite now that I know the Saber Tooths aren't nearby "for now".


  1. Those darn Saber Tooths!! I'm glad they haven't ruined your appetite Camryn dear!

  2. Oooh. . .those saber tooths! Have to be real careful in the cold! Glad you are on the lookout! Shy says don't let any come up to Michigan.

    I love your ice boogers! Shy had those, too.
    And you look so pretty with the snow on your back!!

  3. I love Haffie butts covered in snow! Snow blankets!
    Doc & Pippin end up with snow balls on their legs and snow boogers... I've never gotten a decent picture for the same reason you mention!
    I hope you get some warmer temps! We're supposed to be warmer today - YES! I was cold yesterday. Too cold to do anything but run outside to feed.