Friday, February 24, 2012

More scary wind stuff...

Camryn here:
You wanna know how windy it is today at my house?
This was a tree!!!  A big willow tree came crashing down just outside the back pasture fence.  Luckily it fell alongside the fence and didn't do any damage, it's about 20 feet from the paddock area.  Mom thinks it must of happened just before she got home from work cause I was in quite a tizzy.  I bet a Saber Tooth was climbing it and hoping to pounce down on my back.  But, it's weight caused the tree to crash down so it couldn't get me.  Mom said her checked to make sure the Saber Tooth was gone so I could eat lunch safely... 

"Mo-om hurry pa-leese hurry"
I was hollering to Mom to be careful coming down to the barn.  I threw in a buck but, her missed that...
Mom's in the barn telling me it's safe to come in to eat.  She explained that a picnic the wind would blow lunch to the neighbors.  I'm not to fond of eating inside when the Saber Tooths could be anywhere...
"Mo-om, I can smell those Saber Tooths"
 Ok, so I comprimise and come in to eat lunch.  Still I gotta keep watch out the door in between bites.  A girls gotta keep her figure you know.


  1. Your momma will keep you safe!!!

  2. I'm so glad that the saber tooths didn't get you and your Mom came ome to protect you!!

  3. So glad you didn't run into those saber tooths! Where was Onxy, the lookout dog? Sleeping on the job?

    Good thing mom came home just in time to make sure everything was okay!

  4. Onyx was busy munching a bone. I was real happy to see Mom that's for sure.

  5. Oh, that wind can be brutal! It sure makes things scary. Pippin doesn't like the wind, either. He gets really jumpy. Dreaming doesn't particularly care for that!

  6. Phew I am glad you didn't get eated. But where is your grass? Has the sabre tooth had that?

  7. Camryn here:
    Well, Zoe what your seeing is my paddock, it's basicaly a dry lot ever since I ate all the grass. Don't worry though I gets lots n lots of hay.