Saturday, June 9, 2012

Face 2 face at last...

Camryn here:
Finally I got to play with one of the new neighbor boys.  Not so new as they've lived next door since late last fall!!! 
Mom saddled me up, then led me thru the woods to Jesse's barn.  His Mom was already mounted and ready to go.  Jesse was a tad bit alarmed by my beauty, or it coulda been my Boett rug (if you take the belly band off, it can be worn under saddle) and Cashel fly mask I wear for riding.  He calmed right away, still Mom followed leading me to the arena barn thru the woods. I didn't mind cause it gave me this wonderful view of Jesse's ample bottom.  "hummmmmma".
As we came to the arena barn, Cameron and Handy went all bazoo over my beauty, or was it my ghost like appeance once again?  I prefer to think it was my beauty!
Jesse had just gotten a new saddle, and his Mom was trying it out.  At first she thought his forwardness was due to my beauty, Mom's clicker or my ghost appearance?  So Mom quit clicking just in case it was that.  Poor Mom we'd been working on my always taking a step back after a whoa then a click/treat.  Just started it so of course I wanted to make sure I was getting this right.  Sooo, we'd whoa, I'd step back "what's this no click?", I must need to do more.  I backed n backed n backed.  Mom opened her reins and I stopped, but still I wasn't sure what I needed to be doing to get that click/treat.  So for a little while we kept rinsing and repeating the "whoa, back, back, back, back!"  No clicks but, now it's understood that when Mom opens her reins it's time to stop with that!
Bummer news about Jesse's new saddle, it's to tight on his wonderful expansive shoulders.  So that's what was causing his forwardness, nothing bout me at all.  His Mom is bummed as she'd never had a problem with saddle fitting before Jesse.  Mom says welcome to the club.  Jesse is a Fresian/Quarter mix, so another saddle search is on for him.
After we walked back to Jesse's home barn, they went in and Mom and I continued on up thru their yard.  As we turned a corner at the garage Jesse's Mom's son was standing there with his dog Dude on a leash.  Dude reared up straining towards me!  Mom is like "uh oh", I was like "Mom it's a dog, it's only a dog".  Still Mom dismounted and walked me by with her on he dog side.  Brad who is Dude's Dad made mention that Dude had never tasted a horse before!!!  Mom laughed so musta been a joke right?  So if it was a joke, does that mean that Dude has tasted a horse before?


  1. So a sheet can be worn under the saddle? I am asking for a friend who's Appy is extremely sensitive to bugs and she had a bad fall when they were trail riding last week. I will let her know this!
    I like to think it is your beauty that got the geldings all riled up :) It was radiating out from under your gear.

  2. Of course it was your beauty that startled them. I like to be at the back of the ride for the "view" hehe.

    1. Thanx guys, I was pretty sure it was my beauty :) I'll try to have Mom bring the camera for some pix of Jesse's rear for us gurls next time. He's got lots of beautiful grey dapples like snowflakes almost.
      Shy: not all sheets can be worn under saddle. Tell her to look up Boett Sweet Itch Rugs. Or Boett USA. The belly band can be removed which makes you able to ride in it. Most rugs I don't believe you can.

  3. Thanks! I will tell her for sure!