Thursday, June 7, 2012

Just fetching...

Camryn here:  Remember the other day when Dad road me?  Well, Mom rode after, her camera was handy so Dad vidoed us playing fetch...

Kinda hard to see parts as it's so shady in my paddock and all. At .22 seconds you'll notice I'm nosing the ground even though Mom has the ball in hand.  That's because I could see the balls shadow when Mom was holding it and I was trying to pick up it's shadow!!!
 Mom asks to please keep in mind that the camera adds bout 20 to 30 pounds to human bottoms!!! I mean seriously Mom do you think anyone will actually believe that?
Oh, and remember Mom mentioning helmet adjustment troubles that day?  Chris was still working on that!  Don't worry it's all set now, so no more "no helmet" riding for Mom.


  1. That is soooo cool! I love it!
    You are so smart and talented!

    1. Thanx, but really with a smart VERY food motivated Haflinger it's really simple

    2. I hear that! Shy is so easy to teach tricks to and with the clicker, it is a breeze. But I just can't get her to hold a ball in her mouth. . .yet. We have the same ball, too :)

    3. It'll come, just be patient. Hold off just a tad longer for your click and build up to her holding it.