Thursday, June 14, 2012


Camryn here:
First off I must add a disclaimer, I promise no kitties were hurt in the posting of this blog!!!
Maizee has been practicing he climbing skill on the paddock trees.  Yesterday she tried the fence posts behind the barn.  Mom had her camera handy and set on sports mode...

See, Maizee climb...

Up, up, up Maizee goes...

At this point Mom is thinking "Uh Oh, this isn't good"!  Maizee is incredibly fast, no sooner did Mom have this thought then...

Take note of what is under Maizee's chin.  Yup it's hot rope.  Maizee dissapeared from the camera viewer at this point.  Maizee isn't just a good climber, she flies real good too!

Maizee was off the fence & on the other side lickety split.  And one pissed off kitten to boot!  She was mad at the world.  Onyx rushed over to make sure she was OK, but decided against it when Maizee cussed him out big time.  She didn't know what got her, so was willing and able to take it out on whoever was nearest. 
Mom sat back till she calmed a bit, then made sure she was OK.  She was.
Smart girl, she decided pine cones are a much safer form of amusement.  I wonder if kittens learn as quickly as us Haflingers?  I sure hope so.  I'm thinking she should be called AMaizee Grace because it'll be amazing if she survives kitten hood, or Crazee Maizee cause she's one crazy girl, her antics keep me amused all day?


  1. Poor Maizee bless. She will know not to do that again! Or will she? Nine lives and all that.

    1. We sure hope she's a quick learner. While she was more mad than hurt, just thinking of such a tiny thing getting zapped hurts thinking about it.

  2. Cute pictures! Maizee is darling!