Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Mighty Huntress...

Camryn here:
Apparently despite Mom feeding the kittens dry kitty food along with a side dish moistened with Kitten Milk Replacer (they love that) three times a day, Margeaux doesn't feel they are getting enough!!!  Mom had let the dogs out for their "before she leaves for the greenhouse potty session". When she went to let them in she saw this:
Mom was glad the camera was nearby and that it has a good zoom.  Shame Promise, Tye, Maizee & I were all busy elsewhere.  Would've been an awesome family portrait. The tree stump is like 6 ft. tall by the way!

Doesn't Margeaux look all pretty and innocent?
But, wait...

Uh Oh, what is she thinking?...

This doesn't appear quite so innocent any longer...

I do believe Momma Margeaux is on a mission!
Mom "thought" Margeaux couldn't actually access the bird house.  Mom "thought" wrong however.
Later down at the barn she thought one of the kittens had left their little mouse toy in the hay (Mom, sorry but you should really quit thinking).  Fortunalty Mom had her glasses on, as she bent to pick the "mouse toy" up, it turned out it wasn't a "mouse toy" at all.  It was a very dead nekkid baby bird (UGH), upon looking around a bit she discovered two more nearby.  SIGH, Mom then had to explain the circle of life to Dad as he wasn't the happiest camper on the block when informed.  Mom told him she'd be sure to explain to Margeaux that mice were quite OK, birds off limits.  Fortunatly it wasn't any of the blue bird nests, which she shouldn't be able to access.  Course Mom  "thought" that of the box pictured above as well!


  1. Cute pic!
    Margeaux needs to stick to the mice!! :)

  2. Great photos!
    Yeah, the birds are sometimes innocent victims. We had a guy at a bird feed store get on a rant about cats and how many song birds they kill. He told us we should keep our cat locked in the barn! Ouch, I couldn't go quite that far. Our cat may bet birds, but she also gets other vermin.