Sunday, June 10, 2012

Off to their new lives...

Camryn here:

The last of the kittens who were leaving headed off to his new home today.  Mom only named the one we kept, the others names were chosen by their new people.

Toby left today.  I will miss him, he enjoyed playing alongside and in my hay as I ate. He's gone to live with one of Mom's riding friends.  So, we'll hear Toby stories...

Ginger the sweet little calico is being adored by a 12 year old girl.  We'll hear Ginger stories as well I'm sure.
 Arthur, lives with one of Dad's co-workers.  She's already brought Dad in pix of him...

Winslow the wild child boy, left first.  He went to a young couple who wanted a rambunctious kitten.  They picked right for sure.  They'd been looking for an orange boy for some time, seems lots of people are.   All the barn kittens they saw before coming here, the kittens scattered away.  They loved these guys cause they all did the opposite of that and came a running when people visited.  They already called Mom just gushing over what a great kitten he is...

So, Maizee is left with Momma Margeaux to play with and torment!!!  Poor Margeaux, I'm sure Onyx will assist when he can!  
In other news, the neighbor baled hay today.  All the horse and goat neighbors converged in the field and bought it all up.  The farm lady has been having a hard time, health and money wise. I'm sure she's happy to have it all sold without her having to bring it in from the field.  The bales is HUGE like 80 lbs!!!  And it was only $2.50 a bale, we didn't need it yet but bought what we could fit in the barn.  I tested it out and it's yummy!


  1. Glad all the kitties have homes!

  2. Hi Camryn! Hows you? Baling hay? Now that is cheap hay! Be lucky to get 40lb bales for that price here!
    Cats look great, my OH is on the lookout for another kitten, as our 18 year old is probably on his last year. Shame, but he`s done good.

  3. The kittens are so cute. I love the picture of Maizee pouncing on Margeaux's tail!
    What a great price for hay! Wow!