Sunday, November 4, 2012

A Hafy Halloween...

Camryn here:
Oh what fun, yesterday a nearby barn had a Halloween themed obstacle thing.  While it wasn't supposed to be just a Hafy Halloween it sure seemed that way as 6 of us turned up.  Only 5 played with the course as one guy just came along for a horse switch.  One of Mom's friends Judy told Mom about it and that she was bringing her new Hafy boy Danny. 

That's Danny & Judy standing in the middle.  Me n Mom with a silly grin on her face off to the side.  If you biggify you might notice a new piece of jewerly on my face.  Seems I was being a tad pushy upon arriving.  The trainer suggested a chain might assist my manners a bit.  SIGH, it did & now Mom is planning on making this piece of jewelry an ungoing thing!
Another lady Heather who Mom'd never met was trailering her n Danny over along with, mmmm I think two others?  Not sure bout that actually. All the peoples and horses were VERY nice.
We had a short clinic beforehand (when my jewerly was added), then we all waited outside while the in saddle portion did their thing.  Just one horse at a time in the HUGE arena doing the course.
First thing was Mom hit the timer thingie to start the coarse.
1. I was to back between all that wood stuff in a pattern!

So, you can see how that went hee hee.  Honestly I coulda done it but, didn't wanna be a show off.

2. Was something called the "children of the corn gate", cornstalks hung from the ceiling.  Mom had to unlatch a rope gate that hung under the corn, walk me thru then rehook the gate.  Easy peazy.

3. was "gruesome grooming", there was a corner filled with lighted halloween things with a witches pot in the middle.  Mom was to take a stick from the pot that had a rubber hand attached.  Then she groomed each shoulder, each hip and for extra points between my ears.  Sooooo boring, I decided to just go ahead and pee while we did this.  Why on earth do humans laugh so hard when a girls gotta go?

Oh, some pix didn't turn out and some of the obstacles were behind a big wall on the far side of the arena so not pix of these.

4. "Web of terror" this was a pin wheel of posts that we had to walk thru without leaving the pin wheel.  Points deducted if for a foot going outside, a start over if all four feet left the pinwheel.  No one told us that the ghoul in the center was ALIVE!!!  Apparently it was motion activated, well Mom spooked so course I did too, though only my rear feets left the pinwheel. Glad I'd already pee'd!  I regained composure but, kept a very close eye on the ghoul.  Mom's first thought was one of being thankful she'd chosen to do this with me in hand!!!

5. "Skeleton spear", Mom was to take a  pool noodle spear from a barrel, then over to a hoola hoop that was hanging in front of a skeleton.  Then she was to stab the skeleton with the noodle spear thru the center of the hoop.  I wasn't sure what would happen so I decided to back Mom up and grabbed a noodle spear of my own just in case!  I realized it wasn't needed when the "judges" started laughing hard at my attempt to assist!  Mmmmph, shoulda gotten bonus points I say!!!

6. Was a "creepy curtain"  Curtains was hung, two heavy ones with a lighter curtain in the middle.  We was to walk thru this.  I kinda hurried thru that, just a bit though!

After we got thru the curtain was an extra bonus thing.  A scary face, Mom had to push the button that made the face scream!  Good thing I'd already pee'd on that one!  Seriously I didn't jump but, did make myself much bigger than the norm!

7. "Tunnel to hell", tarps were hung a  few feet out from the wall, with lots of scary stuff hanging down in the middle (between the wall and tarps).  Upon entering we had to cross a wood bridge, a few steps after that a  blue smooshy squishy thing that kind of made you think the ground wasn't good (Mom called this a mattress)  I had to place two feet on each thing.  I did this too of course, admit to doing it rather quickly.

8 "Ghost Busters"...

(you can see tarps from "tunnel to hell behind me") for the "ghost busters", Mom picked up a rope attached to a post, the other end was suspended from the ceiling.  Then we was to walk a full circle with Mom holding the post...hung around us in that circle was ghosts that we had to walk thru as they swooshed about our heads and in our face. 

9. Was called "Grave Robbers...

We had to walk thru a mock graveyard without stepping on any tombstones.  While walking thru Mom was to drag that white thing (dead body though you can't tell in the pic) behind us.  Well, duh I used to pull wagons so dragging a dead or live body wasn't nothing to get bothered about!

10. "Super Hero Costume Change"...

 First I had to listen closely to the directions so Mom didn't screw it up!!!  The Judge lady is in blue.  We had to go get that black thingie (a cape) hanging on the wall....

After Mom grabbed it, she had to attach the cape to this "creature".  He was a really ugly, strange, odd smelling guy.  I tried to introduce myself but, he rather rudely remained silent.  Probably my beauty rendered him speechess maybe?

11. "Apple Dunk" woulda been my fav but, they didn't use apples to my liking.  Mom told them before we even started that I was quite picky about my apples. 

As you can see, while tempted I knew they wasn't my fav Granny Smiths floating in the bowls, so passed on the treat!

 Tada, Mom n Me are released from the Haunted Arena all safe and in one piece together.  No I didn't win!  Not only cause I chose to not back or dunk for not my fav apples.  But, Mom said we're in it for the fun and experiance so her didn't bother to rush.  Her just casually walked us thru.
But, even though I didn't win a pretty girl Haflinger called Charm won the in saddle part, a hunky Haflinger boy named Ladd won second, he was all in costume too.  Then another hunky Haflinger boy Harry won the in hand, I could've gone for him big time.  Sorry there was several hunky Haflinger boys so I gotted kinda confused which was named what!  I know there was a Danny, a Lad, a Andy, and a Midas there though!  Someone joked that since the Hafly did so good, that we wouldn't be invited back.  They was just kidding though I know, cause several were talking about what fun we were too.
We was supposed to do a Haflinger group picture after.  But, Judy had an emergancy and left soon as Danny was done.  Then it was getting late, I was loaded up already and since Mom can't back a trailer yet!!!  We had to leave onced the trainer had backed us out of our spot.  Sorry Heather, I'd have loved to be pictured with you and all those hunky boys!!!
Me n Mom really had a super great time.  We plan to go there and play again, and maybe play with those other Haflingers sometime too.  If there are pix posted on Facebook we'll try to post them if we can. Hope you enjoyed my looooong tale of scary stuff.


  1. So cool!! And lots of Haffies to boot! My favorite part was when you grabbed the noodle :) I would have loved to have been there to see that! And who knew a Haffie would be so picky about her apples. Passing on apples, that is unheard of! Glad you and mom had fun, it really looks like a blast!!
    Backing up is Shy's least favorite thing. We have been fighting about that a lot lately, ugh!
    Personal question. . .after you pee, do you walk around with your tail out until you dry? Shy does, it is really funny!

    1. Mmmmmm, I'm not sure if I do or not? I'll have to pay closer attention next time I pee :) My fav part was grabbing the noodle too. And I'd have gone for carrots in a heart beat. Those are my favs!

  2. That looks such fun. Passing on apples? Blimey girl whatever were you thinking? Do you think I could get one of those chain things for human.....her manners were appalling today she was so rude.

    1. If I'd have known you'd want one, I'd have grabbed one an just kept it for you. I only like certain apples for some reason.

  3. It certainly sounds like a great set-up and lots of fun. I bet it was even more fun having all of those haffies to ogle over! I cracked up about the noodle. That would have been Pippin's trick! Doc would have balked at backing. Under saddle he used to do.... I guess he wanted to be extra careful since he didn't have eyes in his behind!
    Thanks for sharing - it would be fun to see something like that done here.

  4. I normally back just fine. I just didn't feel like doing it there I guess!