Friday, November 23, 2012

Mom's Thanksgiving

Camryn here:
While I didn't get to share it with Mom and the other humans, I do understand they had a wonderful Thanksgiving time together. 
The weather beyond amazing...
Mom's brother Mike with Adam's honey Ashley looking for "sea glass".  Though it's really Lake Erie they still call washed bits of glass "sea glass".

Our Christopher waves for Mom from a breakwall!
Ashley hands Our/Her Adam some "sea glass" she's discovered for saving.  The little hill Ashely is on and beside just looks like sand.  It's really mussel shells washed up from Hurricane Sandy!

The waters were so clear and blue, just amazing for a November day!  Mom just had her cell phone so no pix of peoples kayaking along the shore...

Our Adam way out, with Mike and Our Chris hopefully not contemplating a swim.  With Our Chris you just never know!

Mom's sis-in-law Diane standing with Dad.  After Hurricane Sandy washed up lots of smelly mussels they weren't into walking the beach so much.  Plus Dad didn't want to spill his coffee I'm thinking!

Our Adam contemplating the cosmos or something like that!  I'm thinking the bottle in his hand aides in the contemplating perhaps?
Mike & Diane live in Avon Lake, Ohio and their house is just across the road from Lake Erie.  With such lovely weather everyone decided on a little beach walk as dinner cooked.  Normally on Thanksgiving doing such a thing due to the weather would be impossible.  The weather was/is just one of many things we give Thanks for this year...
 Family, mostly all together is one thing to be Thankful for.  Jillian & her Jesse had to be elsewhere, but we'll see them this weekend.  Or at least Mom & Dad will...
Good food is yet another!  Our Chris after having been to Iraq and home again safely twice is something Mom is Thankful for each and every day,  Gramma's cancer getting smaller is another big one.  Just being with & enjoying family is yet another.  Mom says she always feels blessed in her life, and of course I'm one of the those reason that has her feeling so very blessed to have as  part of her life.
And not to worry, I was feeling very Thankful too, Mom hung not one but three hay nets for me yesterday!!!  Darned slow feed ones, but still like the humans an abundance of food to enjoy and count my blessings on as I ate!
And of course we give Huge Thanks to our Troops who couldn't be home with their families so that Mom could be with hers.


  1. Happy thanksgiving. I get left out of "family" events too.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving! It was a beautiful day out, what happened today! Brrr.

    Looks like mom had a nice time, but I am sure she is glad to be back home with you :)

    1. Not fair Zoe that we get left out. Yeah, Mom is always glad to be back home Shy. Can't believe how the weather changes in nearly a moments notice!