Thursday, November 29, 2012

Nothing much...

Camryn here:
Nothing much going on around here.  Mom has been taking me out into the yard to graze a bit, take note of the chain across my nose in my newest header pix...I'm not amused even remotely about only taking a grab of grass when the old bag Mom says I can.  AND I can only graze in the areas that the old bag Mom says I can.  Because when I try to take the old bag Mom to where I want in the yard, the old bag Mom says "NO" with the chain!!!  The old bag Mom says I should just appreciate the fact that I am getting to munch grass. 
Bet you can tell by my expression what I think of the old bag Mom thinking that!!!


  1. Oh man! Shy can vouch for that Ohio grass, it is mighty tasty! I have a hard time keeping her off the grass when we are down there.

  2. Yeah we do gots good grass. Specially in the back yard :)

  3. I'm just glad you still have some grass to munch up there!

  4. That is dreadful. Bet TOB (the old bag) doesn't limit herself. I know mine doesn't but seems to think it's ok to limit my intake. Pot/Kettle anyone?

    1. HA HA Zoe! You are soooo right on that one. Course she's "talking" about limiting herself. Action not words I say!

  5. Poor Camryn, ..............but you do look good on short rations!

  6. Ha ha ha Camryn must be a teenager.......