Thursday, November 8, 2012

Happy Gramma news...

Camryn here:
Mom took Gramma to the Oncologist today, she has been on her hormone therapy for just over a month.  It's working "whoot whoot". all three cancer tumors were unmeasurable!  The Dr. was shocked and thrilled by how quickly it's working. There was almost a party in the exam room!  Dr. said the tumor board had met and looked at Gramma's stuff and the three tumors aren't three from cancer spreading but, actually three differant cancers!!!  When thinking it was cancer spreading Gramma was rated at stage 2 or 3, now that they know it's not from spreading but three differant cancers Dr. says she's more like stage 1!!!  Gramma is no longer in an emergancy situation with surgery right around the corner.  While she'll still most likely need surgery as the meds won't work forever, it can be done when Gramma feels she's ready for it, and perhaps not be a total masectomy to boot.  Whoot, whoot!!!  The Oncolgist lady and Surgeon lady will be rotating visits, Gramma will see Surgeon lady next month, Oncoligist lady the month after and so on and so forth...Course more MRI's n stuff to keep eyes on it too.
 Mom got a speeding ticket on the way home, her didn't care not one bit.  When handing Mom her ticket the officer asked "what brings you to this area?"   Mom said she'd just taken Gramma to her Oncolgist and was told the cancer was shrinking "so this ticket isn't bothering me in the least"!  Officer told Mom he was happy bout that and for Mom to behave herself :)
On the Grampa front, One daughter stayed with him for two weeks.  Dad brought him here and he stayed a week, another daughter is staying with him now for two weeks, a grandaughter will then take her turn for a week.  Lots of hurry up and wait, they'll be taking him to Dr's. while surgery is decided.  Lots of hurry up and wait with Grampa right now.


  1. Good news for Gramma! Too bad mom still got the ticket though.

  2. Hurrah for Gramma, boo for speeding ticket.

  3. Such great news! Hooray! You'd think the policeman would have ripped up that ticket!

  4. Thanks guys, all the good thoughts are much appreciated.
    Mom used to be married to a Police Chief so she knows/understands that once the ticket is written on it can't be undone. Plus she was speeding soooo should've gotten the ticket anyhow.