Friday, November 9, 2012

Resident Supervisor...

Camryn here:
You know when you do any job there is always someone who just stands and watches?  I believe they are called Supervisor's.  They get paid well though don't really do much, they're just really good at appearing to make sure others work hard.
After I use the trailer Mom always cleans it up for next time.   And as usual our resident Supervisor puts in an appearance:
Yup that's Margeaux sitting in the manger making sure Mom doesn't slack...

As you can see from Margeaux expression she doesn't think taking pictures of her Supervising is appropriate and Mom should get back to work!

Supervising must be exhausting as this is Margeaux second fav thing to do.  Nap!!!  Mom was cleaning my bedroom which normaly "the Supervisor" supervises.  Margeaux was much to tired after making sure the trailer got done though.  Probably cause before Mom did my trailer her cleaned out the truck (don't leave any door open at our house as Margeaux also likes napping in vehicles) all the work Margeaux did that day probably put her into overtime.


  1. I hope Margeaux doesn't decide to go for a ride in the trailer with you sometime.
    Well, you know those humans are unreliable and need supervising!

    1. She's almost left with my trimmer & my Chiro more than once! And yes, I'm glad she supervises Mom to keep her out of mischief.

  2. Busy busy Margeaux! A supervisor's job is never done when it comes to barn work. She must want to move on to more challenging positions if she is trying to go away with the trimmer and farrier! Silly cat :)

  3. Do they do a good job at supervising? Looks like margeaux is learning her craft no good being at the top job is you don't get a few perks.

  4. We hope Margeaux isn't wanting to leave. She's a VERY nice girl, just has some odd quirks for sure. Margeaux gets paid for her efforts quite well, judging by her expanding waistline anyway!