Friday, December 28, 2012


Camryn here:
AROOOOOOO is a sound Cardigan Welsh Corgis make, it's also the universal sound of loss when one has past over to the Rainbow Bridge.  It is with sad heart that I wish Onyx my BFF a might & loud AROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.
Yes, Emily is back and doing well.  But, last night Onyx left us to cross over the the Rainbow Bridge.  As Chris said "maybe Onyx gave up his spirit to help Emily with hers"  Yes, that's just the kind of guy our Onyx was.
Mom saw and fell in love with Onyx at a CWCCA National Agility Trial.  He was just a young pupster but, one look was all it took.  He & Mom traveled everywhere together, earning his Breed Championship, multiple Agility titles, a Rally Obedience title.  Onyx even won his class at his first National Breed Show as a youngster.  He retired from the Breed ring with a bang having won BOB at a huge Regional Specialty Show.  Mom literally almost passed out when the judge pointed to her and Onyx for the win.  He had beaten a total of 33 Champions that day including the top three dogs in the breed!!! 
Mom thought it appropriate to begin focus on what Onyx really loved, Agility.  He'd allowed her to do her thing, now it was time to do his. They played at that for several years, then just for the heck of it tried Rally Obedience which he titled in just three competitions.  Mom always said Onyx was her heart dog, he had her heart, she had his.  If Mom had ever asked "Onyx, jump off a cliff", Onyx would look at her and ask "how far out?"
For me he was a wonderful companion, he slept in my hay without ever eating it.  Hung out with me in the barn, paddock, pasture, he was always respectful and comfortable to be around.  Onyx made a wonderful herdmate.  He helped Margeaux with her kittens, put up with Maizee's antics with little complaint.  Tried to eat both Reej (RIP) & Tye on many occasions, dashed about with and played with Mirage (RIP), Promise, Coach, Ivy and a league of other visiting dogs and peoples.  So many memories Onyx has given us all and all those memories good ones....

Onyx as a wee pupster

Onyx helped his Momma win a huge brood bitch class at a regional specialty as a youngster

Onyx winning his Champion title as a youngster

Onyx getting tested for herding instinct.  Yup he had it!

Onyx with Mirage plowing thru the snow.  Mirage was waiting for him over the bridge

Onyx & Mirage playing keep away, they're proably playing together right now too

Coming out of the chute during a National Breed Trial

Onyx most Iconic phot coming over a jump, intent on where Mom might ask him to do next

Onyx having just won first place & his first agility title at a Breed National Trial

Onyx playing in the garden

Onyx as always with rapt attention on Mom

Onyx chilling with Promise

Onyx waiting with Mom to be called back into the ring to receive his Rally Obedience title

Onyx strolling with Margeaux on the wooded trails out back

Two BFF's just hanging out

More hanging out, cause that's what BFF's do together

R.I.P. CH UlaMauna's Black Ice RN NA NAP
Dec. 7, 1999 x Dec. 27, 2012
Onyx leaves behind a piece of him in all our hearts, as well as a legacy of over 50 children to share with their various peoples and friends. We're very grateful for having had him in our lives, and thankful he stayed with us till Emily was found so he could pass his strength onto her as she recovers.  God Bless our Onyx as he has blessed us.


  1. Oh no how sad xx Night night Onyx xx

    1. Yes, very sad. We're happy though with so many good memories of him.

  2. What a wonderful eulogy for Onyx. He certainly was a dog of many talents - not surprising, at all, however! I am so glad you have so many happy memories to keep him alive in your hearts. It will take a while for those memories to completely fill that empty space. (((Hugs)))

    1. Thank you, he does indeed leave an empty space.

  3. R.I.P. Onyx say hello to Sammie dog, we miss her too, but doggy heaven is a great place to be xxx

    1. Yes, I hear the snow isn't cold, and the rain not wet there.

  4. Onyx was a wonderful dog! He sounds like he had the life of champions! I love the photos, he just looks so happy. Sweet Journeys, Onyx! Hugs to Camryn and mom!

    1. Onyx was the bestest ever. My trimmer just left and was crying when she heard Onyx had left for better places. Onyx was famous for touching peoples hearts.

  5. Run free Onyx, knowing you have been loved xxx

  6. There are no words to truly express the love & companionship a person & dog have..its just the warmth in the heart that tells the true story. Onyx definitely lived a complete life filled with your love:) Dixie sends you a big hug & a very loud AROOOOO to Onyx!

  7. The relationship between dogs & their owners are so Binding,forever,we are so sorry about Onyx,we too have lost "Our Special Friends,time doesn't erase the deep feelings ,they are always with you,even after many years,"The Special Ones"- are few & far between,HUGS From Us!!!