Thursday, December 27, 2012

Hi everbody...

Emily here:
Camryn was gracious enough to let me use her blog a moment to thank everbody for your lovely thoughts and prayers.

 I got home from the hospital today, still kinda groggy but, strong enough to wag my tail and give Gramma kisses!  I'm resting on a nice comfy bed that my Dad set up near the sliding door so I can keep an eye out for squirrels and such.  He's got me all covered up under nice warm blankies since he knows I was very cold for several days. I'm surrounded by toys & tons of love. Always had the love part, but not as many toys as I do right now.  Apparently Santa Paws came while I was lost and left them for me.  Great guy that Santa Paws is!  Gramma saved the presents he left at her house and brought them over today.  YUM BULLY STICKS!  She said Grampa has something for me too & he'll bring it over this weekend.  Can't wait to see Grampa too.
I never gave up hope of being found & I'm sure glad my people never gave up either. Well time for a rejuvinating napster.  Thanks again everbody.


  1. Smile! How did your dad like the picture gramma made? So so so glad you are home! You have the perfect setup now. A nice view, some warm blankets, toys, and a family! Heal fast!

    1. Dad LOVED the drawing. His girlfriend thought it was actually a photo! It's the best one Mom ever did.

  2. I have not been on the computer in a few days so I had to back track to see what had happened! Susan, I can only imagine your ordeal and heartbreak with this but what a true blessing that Emily was found! Animals are absolutley amazing in what they can endure and she obviously has the strength and drive to live! I have a cat that had his front leg amputated when he was 5 months old....he is now 13 years old and is still going strong! Keep the faith alive! Dixie and I send you and Emily holiday hugs!!!

  3. Get well soon Emily! Jasper the cat also had to lose a back leg & he said that, once you got the balancing act right, life was a breeze. Apparently, you get loads of sympathy votes & people are always wanting to stop & pet you :)

  4. Emily so pleased to see you home and safe, enjoy all the extra cuddles, Benji dog says woof, woof - sorry cant talk dog, but sure it's sending you big doggy licks (yuck) xxx