Friday, December 21, 2012

Awful news...

Camryn here:
Mom just got some awful news, we need prayers for Chris Pitbull girl Emily.  She took off this evening into the woods in the middle of a snowstorm.  Not only is it cold, but Chris just bought a new house so Emily may not be know where to go once she realizes she wants to go home.  Everybody has been out looking, Vets, police and all that are called.  Chris tracked her for hours, the last set of tracks it looked like she was trying to make it back.  But by then the wind had blown away anymore tracks to follow.
Mom just finished this lovely pencil drawing of Emily to give Chris for Christmas.  We're hoping all your prayers will bring her home safe.  Mom hates to think the drawing will be in memory of her.  Emily is such a wonderful girl, people who don't like Pits all fall in love with her.  Emily even makes other dogs fall in love with her. Hope Mom's tears from helping me post this don't mess up the computer.  Her's way upset.
PRAYERS PLEASE after all, God spelled backwards is Dog so we know he'll listen.


  1. Hoping for the very best! I hope sweet Emily finds her way home with her family. Please keep us updated!

  2. Lynette says her Sammie dog got scared and ran away once, she returned in the middle of the night having found her way home through thick fog. We are all praying that Emily finds her way home safely.