Saturday, December 22, 2012

Emily update...

Camryn here:
Thanks everyone for your thoughts and prayers.  Everyone has been kinda manic in the search for Emily.  Dad took his ATV over so they could search the woods, posters/postcards have been hung and handed out.  An easel with posters on both sides is out in the front yard, ER Vets called, Sheriff....Emily be wearing her tags so they all said if she were brought in Chris would get called right away.
Anyway I digress, there is news, just not so good I guess.  Because of the easel sign a guy stopped and told Dad & Chris that he'd seen Emily get hit by a car the evening she got lost.  The guy took his kid home and went back but, Emily wasn't there.  The area where she was supposed to have been hit is where Chris lost her track last night and thought the track had disapeared from the snow blowing.  Now, we be thinking the track disapeared cause who ever hit her, also picked her up!!!  And/or she hadn't gotten hit at all, but the car had stopped, opened it's door and Emily had hopped in.  She likes car rides!
Dad n Chris searched the entire area on both sides of the bridge with no signs of trauma anywhere.  Member Chris be an Army Medic so he knows how to look for stuff like that.  Dad left the ATV, Chris will continue his search and hopefully when who ever hit or picked her up travels back down the road they'll see the signs and bring her home. That's our plan for Emily, that she'll be home where she needs to be for Christmas.
Thanks guys, keep praying...


  1. I miss reading blogs for one day and terrible things happen. I am so sorry to hear this. I hope you hear some good news soon. The drawing of Emilyis spectacular! Prayers and good thoughts coming your way!

    1. THanx bunches. Dad thinks Mom should hold off on giving Chris the drawing till after Emily is found.

  2. I hope that she is safe! I really hope that whoever picked her up will send her home where she belongs. Still sending good thoughts your way for Emily!

  3. Poor Emily. I do hope she is safe and well and sitting by a log fire somewhere waiting for her humans to find her.

  4. Oh, gosh, I am so sorry. I send "finding" prayers for sure, hopefully in time for Christmas:) Hang in there.

  5. Thanks everyone, I mean it too.