Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Gramma stuff...

Camryn here:
Gramma had her appointment with the surgeon today.  Mom had scolded Gramma last month for not hearing what Dr's said when it wasn't what she wanted to hear.  So, Gramma said she'd listen up good at Dr's.  Well, Gramma listened and liked what she heard.
First thing Dr. started talking bout the surgery and how based on last appointment she'd only need a lumpectomy which was good news.  Even awesomer news though was when Dr. examined Gramma, she couldn't feel no tumors at all!  Dr. looked up astounded saying "they aren't there"!  She examined and examined still feeling nothing at all!  Gramma goes to see the oncologist next month, and if she feels the same way, surgery will be put on hold perhaps for good.  Dr. did remind Gramma that she'd have to be taking the meds for the rest of her life as with no surgery the cancer would grow rapidly if she didn't take it.  Gramma said she'd be happy to keep the meds!
We're thinking between the meds, Gramma heavy duty faith, & Mom's scolding, the cancer got so scared that it's gone into hiding? 
Had a lesson yesterday, I'll post about that after we digest the Awesome Gramma news!


  1. Awesome! Totally awesome! I can also totally relate! I visited a surgeon on Tuesday for lumps under my arm... that have disappeared as well! Hooray for disappearing lumps!

  2. April must be lump disappearing month! So glad your's have gone as well. Awesome