Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Shedding & Houses...

Camryn here:
Mom's been "trying" to deshed me nearly every day.  I just get such good winter woolies it doesn't just seem to take forever for me to shed out, it really does take forever!!!  The crows who've built a nest in the pines just outside my paddock I'm sure are benefiting greatly!!! 
Just one short sweep brought this much...

This was just from my left side, doesn't include my back, belly or nothing else on me...

This  was the opposite side, again just my side!  It's kinda hard to tell just how much is laying in the since it blends in quite a lot.  It's raining today so no deshedding being done.  Mom knows though that after havin gotten all wet sleeping in the rain that lots more will have loosened up and be primed nicely to come out.  Normaly, I'm all sleek come mid May.

Now the house talk part.  Mom looked at two places today, kinda bummed bout it pouring rain while she did so.  But, on the other hand she can see if the places have drainage issues better this way too.

First house was a cute place with tons of character, Mom loves character, Dad hates it!  This house however had to much character even for Mom.  Character doesn't make up for itsy bitsy closets and no windows in one of the bedrooms at all.  Property was excellant but, but house is a no go for sure.
Second house is a very strong contender, so much so that Mom had a showing scheduled for Dad to see it on Sat.  She says it's not to big, not to small but, just right.  A plus for Dad is that being a split level it has no character at all!!!  Mom hates splits but, gave it a shot and liked it lots.  The peoples forgot to leave the barn unlocked so she won't get to check that out till Sat.  Walking the property in the rain was good cept one spot that appeared to have a sink hole, so gotta check on that too.  It's only two acres but, all pasture for me to nom upon.  Kinda bummed cause Mom says I won't need my own pony though.  Two donkeys and a coupla goats are right next door.  % more horses just two houses down, and a HUGE boarding/training barn with like 50 horses just 5 houses down. SIGH I was kinda hoping but, least this way iffen we move there the pasture will be mine all mine.
Realtor is going to try to schedule showings on two more houses Mom n Dad are interested in on Sat. as well.  One is on a country road, a road so slow that Mom says we can ride down it.  The other is real near Mom's favorite bridle trail.

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  1. Fingers crossed for the house hunting, sounds like exciting times!