Thursday, April 11, 2013

Me N Jesse at our lesson...

Camryn here:
     Tues. was lesson day again, this time Mom remembered her camera!!!  The lesson was supposed to be Jesse, Levi, Eclipse and me.  Unfortunatly Levi's Mom is sick, Eclipse rider (Lori is his Mom) canceled because we was supposed to get bad weather.  We didn't though!  So it was just Jesse n Me.
Our humans learned lots, mostly that they was both doing our leg aides A*@ backwards hee hee!!!
     I was a good girl, the dentist work did great for my attitude, I wasn't playing with my bit or acting all spooky n Bee-otchy like last lesson.  I found the lesson to be rather relaxing judging by how my mouth was foaming up so nicley!

If you biggify you can see me all foamy round the mouth.  No I don't got rabies, just relaxed n soft like humans say is good.  That be trainer riding me, she road both Jesse n Me cause she likes to get a feel for the horse, the way we go, our personality and where we are in our learning.  I got lots more to learn than Jesse.  Being I'm a former Amish horse and he's a former lesson horse.  Mom n Danette gots lots more to learn than us horses hee hee! 
 Trainer said Jesse n Me be really good horses.  She said I was a good girl and very willing to listen an learn stuff.
We like trainer she's very patient & when Mom told her she was having an ADHD moment, Trainer explained things a differant way that Mom understood better.  Trainer doesn't rely on the same thing for every horse/rider like some do which Mom likes lots.  This week we learned some indirect rein stuff n how our riders can help us bring our back legs up under us more.  Mom mentioned that I can be a bit pushy (who me) on the ground when leaving our property.  So next lesson will be some on the ground stuff.  Trainer click/trains for ground stuff so that'll be lots more fun than the lesson we did on groundwork last year where the trainer insisted Mom not use clicker at all! 

Here be Mom n me listening attentivly to Trainer.  Does Mom's butt make mine look smaller?  Sorry Mom I knows you lost 16 lb, but you got some more to go!!!

Trainer is instructing Mom on some excersising to do in saddle to stretch her legs with ankles down.  I listened while Mom did this up/down/up/down.
See how relaxed I am!  This was the area of the arena that had me trying to bolt outa there last lesson.  This week cause my teeth n bit aren't clashing I'm all "la, la, la...
For my lady friends I include pictures of Jesse :)  Jesses like to stretch waaaay down on th bit, Danette is learning him to collect better an only do this with permission.  Probably a throwback to kids riding during lessons.  Danette is also trying to not be in her chair seat.  She rode gaited horses in gaited saddle for years, so her muscles gotta unremember this.
He's a BIG boy being a Freisian/Quarter cross.  I'm like in love!!!  The only time I misbehaved was when we turned off towards home after the lesson.  I squealed and "tried" to turn and go with him.  SIGH Mom said No.
I have to say both us horses and our Mom's thought this was best lesson ever.  We was all real relaxed an enjoying it lots.


  1. I am starting ground training with my new guys and wonder . . . is your trainer following "Lyons" or "Cox" or "Parelli"? what kind of new bit did you use?

    1. Not a new bit, but I use an offset D-ring snaffle with a sweet iron mouthpiece. We'll be using click training on the ground work. Something She/Camryn & myself are familiar with and enjoy.

  2. What a wonderful lesson! How nice to find a trainer that works with you :) I have a feeling you and Camryn are going to have a great summer together!

    1. We've got fingers and hooves crossed for success.

  3. Looks like a great lesson, relaxed equines and relaxed humans - a recipe for success!

    1. Yes, a recipe almost as good as one for carrot cake :)