Tuesday, April 30, 2013

lesson #3...

Camryn here:
Today was our third lesson, we're doing them bi-weekly on account the trainer is so busy.  For this lesson Mom opted for groundwork on account of my being a "obstinent, pushy, brash little Be-otch" (moms words not mine) walking over to the arena.  Seriously Mom, I'm in a mud infested paddock then you expect me not to take advantage when surrounded by grass?  DUH!  Mom does understand totally that having had the winter off AND being on dry lot till my pasture becomes usable I'm gonna be all the words describing me above and more.  She says being pushed, pulled, and dragged by over 1000 pounds of me isn't her idea of fun however.
Trainer and Mom worked on me leading nicely, whoaing, not getting behind, not getting ahead...Then some lunging.  I'm not overly fond of lunging and will express this by popping up my bum a bit, then I settle in and do fine.  And that's on my good side, my bad side I am once again all the words written above and more.  I'm notorious for showing my lunging displeasure in the spring after my long lay up. Mom explained this to trainer, trainer I don't think believed Mom at first.  She did after, though I don't understand why trainer laughs at me when I show my displeasure & keeps making me work just like Mom does SIGH. 
Anyway oddly enough walking thru all the green grasses on the way home, Mom said all nice things bout an to me.  I didn't hear the word Be-otch even once AND I got some nummy hay to boot.
Till my paddock/pasture dries out (should say if) Mom plans to walk me up n down the drive lots without letting me graze unless I mind my manners. 
Mom's not sure what she's gonna do when we move, I'm thinking "YES, no more learning", Mom reminded me we have a trailer and if trainer can't come to us, we'll be going to her.  SIGH


  1. That grass is hard to resist! But us humans prefer to not have our arms pulled out of our shoulders when walking.

  2. To hard to resist. Shame humans don't enjoy a little skiing thru the mud!

  3. I don't get why humans don't like mud. A good roll in the mud would sort them out I reckon.
    Naughty human of yours using words like that about you. Grass, grass, grass.

    1. Yeah muds isn't so bad. Mom says she tried to hard not to curse, I tried hard to eat grass!