Monday, April 8, 2013

It's A....(drumroll)

Camryn here:
Got some very exciting news!!!  About the Grandfoal that's coming in September.  It's gonna be a colt!!!  WOW, YOWZA, WHOOT, WHOOT...
Da Ultrasound shows it's coltness very clearly, they even labled it so we'd know it wasn't an elbow or something.  So, this coming weekend Mom plans to do some shopping for the little colt at Equine Affaire.  Some cowboy boots for sure!
Chris n Sam had Mom go with them to register for baby gifts at Target n Babies R Us.  They figured having three foals herself she'd have a better idea of what might be needed.  They knew about crib, stroller, car seat n such.  But, had no clue that when making baby bed that you should put down a sheet, add a liner, then another sheet on top.  This way Mom explained when the wee colt messes the top sheet at say 2 a.m. they don't have to remake the entire thing.  Just whip off the top sheet and walla, clean crib!  Mom had so much fun helping them, Sam is planning to decorate the nursery with Giraffes, though Mom is welcome to throw some horsey stuff in too.
So happy bout knowing babies gender.  Don't know why they didn't do that when I had my own foals!


  1. Hurrah congratulations. A colt eh? How wonderful. Being a grandmare is wonderful.

  2. Super congrats!!! Good thing they pointed it out. I cannot read that picture for nothing!!! xoxoxo P.S why is your word verification again:(

  3. Replies
    1. He's gonna be soooo cute. He'll have hair same color as my mane to for sure. Both Dad n Momma had almost white hair when they was foaled