Saturday, May 6, 2017

Another tack sale...

A few friends & I reserved space at another tack sale last one was kind of a bust (I was the only one of us that sold anything) as they'd only advertised on FB & hadn't even put a sign out front. Today's was one we've shopped at numerous times and is always packed. Today, dispite cold, rainy weather was no different. I actually came home with well over $300.00!  And I didn't buy anything other than lunch. Patting myself on the back. 
My goal is a good driving harness for Merlin. He has some pretty significant atrophy along the top of his neck, most likely from a previous ill fitting harness in the past. It doesn't bother him but, I certainly don't wish to add to it. I have a few more big ticket items to list online. Anyone need a Boett Sweet Itch Rug, a Skito pad or a pair of size 2ww Renegade boots?
Yesterday watching Pippin in the pasture, I noticed him behaving oddly. He'd graze then take off running, shaking his head, kicking out, stop to graze only to begin all over again. After about 6 times of doing this, I figured out what he was doing. He was bored & chasing Robins that landed in search of worms!  I'm pretty sure Merlin was relieved to have Pippin tormenting something other than him!  He is such a hoot!


  1. That sounds like you did well!

  2. I swear we must be twins across the pond. I've just made some money from a tack sale. The profit has gone into the yard lunch fund. We ladies are all going out to lunch we've all put into the fund whatever we can some more than others no one is counting to pay for our meal out.

    1. Wow, that is such a coincidence! And what a great way to use the money