Thursday, May 18, 2017

Lesson #8...

Lesson #8 brought lots of fumbling on my part while harnessing. I was having brain farts to the extreme. I'm actually glad as all had been going so well, I may have been growing a little to confident. Have to always be alert to ovoid potential wrecks. For instance, it's a good idea to thread your driving lines thru the turrets on both sides, your false martingale needs to be attached to both the under cinch & over cinch, just two of my six snafus!  
Recognize this bum?
Got to drive Noey once again. I have a feeling I'll be driving him a while. Or at least till I've overcome my bumbling in handling the lines & whip at the same time!
While the rein aide did help, it turns out my whip at home is to heavy on the thumb for me. Once we found one light enough for my thumb to keep in place without causing some serious cramping it got much better. It has come in handy as Noey likes to cheat the corners.  Without the whip on hand I could navigate his cheat attempts well just giving & taking with my hands & anticipating when/where he'd try to cut the corner short. Adding the whip was more difficult for me & Noey could feel it, especially at the trot. The whip is used to gently speak to the horse. Basically if he's trying to cheat on a right turn, I simply "tickle" his right side gently. This tells him to keep left & stay on the wall till I actually ask him to make the turn. Visa versa the other direction. I'm actually happy that Noey isn't quite as "easy" as Fred had been. He's making me think & learn. Plus, I understand Haflingers, we were laughing that my answer to every question of "why is he doing this" was, "because he's a Haflinger!"  Not entirely the correct answer as we all know whatever was occurring was my fault. 
Noey's favorite thing to do is stand quietly...
Another student had gotten a new harness which needed adjustments. Noey was perfectly happy to stand relaxing while they worked on it.
And of course I've been busy with all our boys, two & for leggers...
Chilling & picking dandelions ❤️


  1. I'm getting excited for when you drive one of your boys! :)

    1. I'm beyond that. Once we have FIL's house on the market? Till then the time keeps disappearing on me.

  2. OMG I saw the tiniest horse yesterday pulling a cart down the sidewalk next to a busy street. It must have been a mini but it was the smallest I've ever seen. What a great thing it is for minis to have jobs.

    1. Mine are still happy to be on vacation. SIGH