Friday, May 5, 2017

Modeling Mini's...

My order from Knot Just Rope arrived!  All well done & of excellent quality too. With Mini's you never know regarding fit. Nylon Mini halters are to small, foal size to large!  These fit!
I need to raise it up on Pippins muzzle a bit I think. Doesn't he look adorable! Love his pouty wee mouth lol 

Merlin being he'll be Lincoln's main riding horse got one a wee bit fancier
I went with brown as I figured black would disappear into his blackness once shed out. I'm kind of wishing I'd have thought of gray instead. But, I still love it...
And anything looks adorable on his sweet little face!  Lincoln stole the grab strap and is wearing it attached to his Jean belt loops. He's also attached himself to his brother via the reins. The kid cracks me up. 
Waiting for the girth extender I ordered from Two Horse Tack (along with buckle nose halters) to saddle up again. They, along with myself managed to add to the waistline over winter.  The order should've already come, haven't even received shipment notification however. I've just emailed them. 
FIL's house is nearly empty. Ran into a bit of a problem in regards to cleaning. SIL, despite being told not to, took all the cleaning supplies!!!  She was kind enough to leave ONE roll of paper towels!  Hubs had noticed one of her boxes appearing to contain junk. Upon lifting a few things out, he discovered some of our cleaning things hidden there!  He didnt though he should've had her empty the rest of our things before she left. Even the open bar of hand soap next to the sink is gone 🙄  She has some pretty serious health problems going on right now. She's using that as her "feel sorry for me" prop!  I know I'm probably a bitch but, my feel sorry for you meter is broken at the moment. 


  1. Cute halters. When I was putting on an estate sale, I had bought a bunch of toilet paper and put it in the hall closet, because a bunch of relatives were staying in my mother's house, and some lady dug through her closet and wanted to buy the bulk T.P. package I just just bought for us. We kept trying to find places to hide stuff we needed from the estate sale buyers, but they were getting into everything. I think several people wanted to buy our cleaning supplies too. The house was ransacked by the end of the day.

    1. People, can't live with em, can't shoot em either.

  2. Those are adorable halters. You are almost done with the in-law from hell- just stay the course.

    1. I wish. FIL's WV home is in hubs name. It's been sold with hubs being the bank. The sisters have been informed they'll get their share of buyers payments each year pre Christmas. Betcha at least two will be asking for advances constantly.