Friday, May 12, 2017

Halters that fit!

I finally ordered the Mini's nose buckle halters fro Two Horse Tack. Low & behold halters that fit both!

LOVE Merlin's...
With all the Grands having at least one parent in the Military, I felt their main ride should reflect that. Merlin is soooooo handsome in his red, white & blue. I think he likes it too. 

Mr. Pippn  rocks the turquoise well. I'd have loved going patriotic with both. But, being they have different size heads it would be confusing should someone besides me halter them. 
Regarding Two Horse Tack,  (no, I've never received any freebies. If I had I'd still be honest) the halters are very well made & I was pleasantly surprised by how soft & supple the biothane is. However, I'd ordered during their promo for free rush shipping for the month of April. I'd ordered on the April 28th, received package on May 11th. Yeah, not so rush shipping!  Would I order again, hmmmmm, most probably the halters yes, as I very much like this product. Perhaps their halter /bridle combo, if I ever feel the need arrive perhaps. I would however suggest they live up to their promo's or be prepared for reviews regarding lack of customer care as well as subsequent loss of business.  We did message a bit in regards to "where is my rush shipping order!"  I've been harness shopping for Merlin, Two Horse Tack "had been" someone I had considered ordering from. I'm shopping elsewhere now, as I do consider customer service right up there with good products when parting with $$$

Franklin is still making new friends at Gramma camp...
Ms. Margeaux finds him to be excellent company!


  1. Very pretty halters. I like your patriotic customization. Franklin looks to be a bit intimidated by Ms. Margeaux. You know what would be funny... if you used a digital photo editing software program to change Franklin's expression depending on the situation he's in.