Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Little to the left please!

Amazing how an itch can help establish friendly teamwork!

I hadn't witnessed mutual grooming since their introduction last fall. Shedding has changed all that, it's now something I see them doing frequently. I even had room on my camera to video 👏🏻
Ever wonder where the phrase "you scratch my itch, I'll scratch yours" came from?
I think I do!

We've gotten a grandparents pass for a nearby zoo, we got there at opening yesterday. Allowing Lincoln first dibs on which animal to ride...
Lincoln was all about the wolf as he thought it was Balto of Iditarod fame. Jefferson the tiger cub by default. Jeffersons first merry go round ride, each time his tiger went up or down, I'd hear his very quiet "WOW!"


  1. When I was a kid there as nothing better on earth than a trip to the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle, because I was a city kid, and THEY HAD PONY RIDES (in the 70s)! No longer, but I would look forward to it all year, that moment when I got to touch a pony.

    I might not have mentioned how much I like your safety panels with the mesh, I am paranoid about horses putting their heads through and killing themselves after seeing a horse run off with a panel around its neck in ridecamp, and hearing that Ride A Good Horse's best filly Stella died by sticking her head through and pulling back suddenly. I put chicken wire in Mag's panel box in Wuppertal, but I never felt comfortable.

    I always say, when they groom each other, they're good friends, not just acquaintances. If only the Germans would believe me (cuz it just happened the first time for me this week too!)

    The carousel is still my favorite. I went on some roller coasters last year and still have nightmares.

  2. variety of reasons we attached the no climb fencing wire to all gates but, one. Horse legs/heads being one. Our Cardigan Ivy going on walkabout another lol
    I'm so hoping this means the Mini's frenemy status is changing to simply friends!
    Our Merlin I understand was originally at a big zoo. Not sure what his role may have been.

  3. I never get tired of watching horses groom each other. It looks so relaxing.

  4. Makes me want to join them lol

  5. All of your boys are adorable- the two and 4 legged! They look so cute riding the animals.