Tuesday, May 16, 2017


Both boys had a reaction to their vaccinations. We'd had the Vet out on Wed. last week. Sunday morning poor Pippin couldn't lower his head to his feed bowl. He had a difficult time in the pasture but, was managing to reach the longer grass. I decided to just keep watch and call Vet Monday morning if necessary. Monday morning Merlin now joined the owie neck club. Both were also now quite lethargic, Merlin was most likely happy about that. Don't worry, I held their bowls so they could eat!  
Put a call in as soon as they opened & explained the situation. While I knew soreness could occur, being it was several days out, I felt better checking in with Vet. He explained Mini's in particular can suffer extreme soreness & set aside banamine at the desk to pick up. Within 30 minutes both were comfortable and Pippin a was back to picking at Merlin. Considering the minute dosage given, I'll have banamine on hand now hopefully until it expires in 2018 lol
Since I feel a need for adding a pic: the boarding barn has a very similar address, we sometime receive their mail. I ran the latest mis-delivery and here they came...

Along with a Haflinger no less 😳


  1. Replies
    1. Now I know to have it on hand following shots!

  2. What do you have horses vaccinated for? We just do tetanus and equine flu here.
    I do hope the boys feel much better soon. Zoe says carrots help them heal.

  3. To name a few, rabies, tetanus, equine flu, west niles, I think one other but, can't recall. It's the rabies that I believe causes the most soreness. There's also a strangles vaccine which I didn't do. They're both back to normal thankfully & the grandsons doled out carrots yesterday.

    1. Interesting thanks for that. Well done those Grandfoals, carrots always welcome

  4. I always keep one on hand in case it's needed.