Saturday, March 23, 2013

Am not a "pill"...

Camryn here:
     Today we (Mom) had a riding lesson!  SIGH I really wasn't in the mind to end my vacation at all!!!  Mom says I was a bit of a "pill", I disagree totally.  I mean first off Mom leads me thru the flooded pasture back into the woods.  I hadn't been back there since November!  Marty was back there chopping wood, you guys all know how scary that is right?  Something bending, standing, swinging, and going whomp, whomp, whomp.  I suggested to Mom we not go that way several times but, she persevered and on we went.  Once we got close to Marty Mom asked for him to tell me Hi, which he did and I felt much better.
     We was first at the arena so Mom decided to lunge me a bit, I was "NO, don't wanna" heels up in the air kinda sorta.  Mom again persevered and I lunged SIGH!
     So, all my friends arrived (haven't seen them up close since November), while they was allowed to run loose I got put in a stall!!!  Though Mom did give me hay which made me happy. One mare in spring with three geldings I don't run with loose in an arena Mom says is recipe for disaster SIGH
     Trainer lady came and first thing she did was check for any soreness on all four of us.  I got an A+, the others ranged from a B- to a "you need a Chiro for him".  Mom waited till she was halfway thru with me before telling her I'd already gone that route.  She said she could really tell & told me I was a lucky girl.  Next she checked saddle fits, she loved my new saddle and said it was a very good choice for my dippy/short back.  Next she checked head gear, my bit is OK but, she thinks maybe a 5 1/4 inch would be better (added equine affaire shopping list) My  halter/bridle combo was good too.
     We all got mounted and warmed up a bit, that be when my being a "pill" started!  Marty was chopping wood outside the back of the arena still & the two horses pastured back there was having to much fun.  All that spooked me, not once, not twice but three times!!!  Mom one reined me each time and brought me back to reality, the trainer praised Mom for that.  Trainer has worked with Haflingers before and felt perhaps I was being willfull.  "WHO ME?"  Trainer then began working us one at a time, Sally/Eclipse was  up first.  They done good and learned some new things. 
     Next up was me n Mom.  After watching us a few minutes she said she was wrong in my being willfull and that Mom wasn't "riding me".  Mom was allowing me to blow thru her aides, and once trainer coached Mom a bit, and I realized Mom was back and "riding me" I did much better.  I did try to blow thru some but, Mom didn't allow it so we got past the spooks without and spooks.  You know what I mean right?
     Trainer lady is very busy, so we're going to try to work out a schedule of once a week, or twice a week to teach us (Mom) better!   Oh, and the lady is teaching us "Dressage" though she knows we all ride western and traisl she says (and Mom agrees) it's the basis of being a good rider.  She's very good, patient and I could tell she loves horses lots.
     Mom road me home with all my friends, I was being a bit of a "pill" so Mom started making me do lots of turns SIGH.  I quite being a "pill".  Mom n me turned off the trail to head home, I realized at the bottom of our hill that my friends weren't there.  Soon as I ducked my head Mom knew what was up, she pulled my head right around so I only got out a tiny crow hop.  I then did a bit of a jig down our trail to the pasture.  Mom was just laughing and saying "love this saddle" something bout her butt sticking again.  Once I realized that Mom's butt was sticking and we were going where she wanted us to go I settled in again.  I even traversed the horrible flooded areas of pasture with no probs at all.
     I should mention that while my "issues" may have been caused by a multitude of reasons....Being surrounded by handsome boys in early spring, not having been worked since November, of course the chopping woods, and being surrounded by handsome boys.  Mom noticed I was also working my bit more than normal, plus I've never acted out so much ever, so a call is going out to the dentist on Monday.
Sorry so long


  1. I totally agree. . .dressage is the basis for good riding, even trail riding. It will help the horse carry itself better, making her last longer :)
    Yay for mom (and you) getting a trainer! And I am glad that the new saddle is working out well! Camryn, you better be good for mom!

  2. Hi Camryn, me? I`m not a fan of dressage, never have been, but it does help to fitten and hold a horse. But I sympathise with you, its not much fun being dragged out from a nice holiday. Gracie sends her love BTW!

  3. Humans don't listen and are argumentative beasts. I quite like dressagy stuff.
    Saddle sounds like it's doing the job. No one needs an uncomfortable saddle. Ever!

  4. Handsome boys are such a distraction at this time of year! Dragon is rather a 'pill' at the moment.... have you two been talking? Great lesson, sounds like fun :-)