Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Camryn here:
Mom's been using the word DIET!!!  Seems she feels I've become a chunkster over the winter.  I'm like DUH Mom that's why my blog title is Drafty Hafy Gurl right?  Anyway she disagreed, brought out the weight tape and like "blam" smaller portions!  She said I should quit complaining as she's been on a diet since November.  While I admit I'm happy for her weight loss (15 lb so far) as she'll be easier to tote around, I don't see why we both have to diet!  It's been two weeks since my diet began, Ha to you Mom I loose much faster than you!!!  Still I think she's right in that I'll appreciate my new girth fitting better with my weight loss.


  1. She's not using the tape thing right. My human doesn't know how to use it either. Don't they read? all the horse care books will tell you horses LOSE weight over winter. Honestly humans can be so dumb sometimes.

    1. I totally agree Zoe. Maybe if we ate the tape thing our dieting would just go away?

  2. It's the fluff, I tell you. Make sure your mom knows that it is just your fluff!

  3. Down with diets, we're permanently on the high fibre no sweets diet :-( our human won't believe that we were made round! Good luck, you have our sympathies!

  4. You poor thing! I'm sure your mum means well!