Sunday, March 24, 2013

House hunting?

Camryn here:
Ok, so you all know that Grampa had valve replacement surgey on his heart in Jan.  Once he left rehab one of Dad's sisters went to WV to stay with him.  Grampa was doing awesome.  Within one week of Dad's sister leaving he had to go to horsepital for a lung infection.  Yes, Dad made the trip down again. 
Anyway Dad n Mom have been trying to help Grampa realize that with his iffy health he can't/shouldn't be so far away.  Mom also made Dad realize that not just Grampa's health was a concern but, Dads is too.  She told him at the rate he's going work/college/Grampa that he''ll be in a nursing home before Grampa!!!  So, Mom has been searching for senior independant living places.  What she's seen has been real nice cept one problem.  While meals are provided (Grampa doesn't really need that), they are all served in a dining room.  SIGH Grampa has anxiety when surrounded by peoples, making this not workable.
Dad had an idea of (since we planned on moving anyhow) that maybe Grampa would like to rent our house.  It is the right size for him, has lots of lawn for him to mow, (he's OCD on lawn mowing) Grampa likes our house and feels at home here.  So Dad n Grampa had THE talk.  Grampa was not only OK with the idea he actually likes it too!!!  There is even a church of his denomination just few miles away for him.
Now Mom is like "oooooh, gotta do so much to be ready", yeah she can get like that, though it passes quickly.  Big thing is pulling out flower beds so Grampa won't be overwhelmed by the abundance of care they require!
Course Dad has to talk to bank peoples bout financing with two houses.  And Mom's putting together a list of must haves for house and wants for house.  They've also talked bout a few things regarding me 1. a place with a place for me, 2. Dad would like to travel more, so me boarding or 3. a place with a place for me and a few other horses that would be boarders with one of those boarders humans being willing/capable of taking care of barn if/when Mom n Dad travel.  Mom is of course leaning strongly towards 1. & 2., not just cause she wants me close but, we've got Margeaux n Maizee to think off too.  Oh, and they need to live close to Grampa too. 
Mom is kinda excited, kinda nervous but, what has to be (Grampa moving closer) has to be.


  1. It all sounds so adventurous! But then, I'm a bit crazy, I like change like you are facing. I also thought about the idea of getting a boarder who could double as house/horse sitter. If you get the right person/people, it could be a perfect situation! Good luck! I'm glad Grampa is in on this and happy about the possibilities!

  2. New horizons and lots of adventures and of course family close at hand - wishing you well in organising everything :-)

  3. Dad's at the bank now!!! Send good vibes, who knows if the bank will agree despite good credit

  4. Your Grampa must be one tough guy to have handled the surgery well. =) And moving close to you would be better for him. I sure hope your parents would be able to find the right kind of house for your family and your Grampa. At least you have a list of preferences. Keep us posted, okay?

    Leona Gladen