Saturday, March 23, 2013

Grandpup Molly...

Camryn here:
Got the pix of our Grandpup Molly, she lives in Virginia so it's not like we get to see her often.  She's a cutie and a very good though rambunctious girl.
They take Molly hiking on Government Island all the time.  She says it's a good place to snorkel up smells, while Jillan, Jesse n Dad chat.

The weather was cool n gloomy, though Molly didn't mind

This is my Dad or as the dogs call him "Paw"

Oops, how did this pikture of Jillian get in here?

Molly likes my Mom cause she plays with her

This is Molly's "Aren't I dorable" pose!

Molly: Come on Grams lets play some more"
Molly is a lab/boxer cross, she's only 8 months old.  She's quite spoiled in that she gets to go to doggie day care twice a week.  Since she's an only dog, they want her well socialized.  She was quite skittish with other dogs before starting day care, now that she understands dog language better she loves her canine encounters on the trails.
Oh, on a side note, Mom redid the spam detector on our blog.  Seems lots of robots have found us!!!


  1. Molly is cute! And so lucky to get to go to doggie day care :)

  2. Camryn, she is TOO Cute! Thanks for showing her to us!