Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Mom went bye byes...

Camryn here:
Mom n Dad went bye byes for a few days.  Jillian had a medical procedure done that required her have a driver home.  Her honey is a Marine guy & couldn't really cancel the field trip he was taking his soldiers on.  Soooo, Mom arranged for the dogs to go to her friends kennel, Danette next door came to take care of the barn crew.  The procedure was on Monday but, they decided to go up early for a visit.
Jillian lives in Virginia not far from D.C. Sat. was nice nuff day when they got there to do some hiking at "Government Island" (no bridle trails there), Sunday was cold but, they decided to head to D.C. anyway cause Mom n Dad had never been.  They took the Metro there, Mom said horses wouldn't be allowed & I wouldn't a liked it even if I were allowed.
They apparently do allow horses to hang out at the Mall (not shopping kind of Mall)...
Nor was it the good kind of horse like me!
Being it was St. Patricks Day on Sunday there were some surprising things goin on in D.C. too...
The fountain outside the White House for instance was green!!!

Guys with bright green facial hair!

And guys wearing skirts!!! 
Jesse was saying "I bet his legs are cold"

Lots of Fire Trucks like this very old one. Cause of course there were/are lots of Irish firefighters...
Seems they were having a HUGE St. Patricks Day Parade on the Mall!  Mom didn't get many pictures of the parade cause she was to busy watching it!   She really enjoyed it a lot...
It was however pretty cold, Jesse, Jillian & Dad decided it was time move on.  Mom was coming up from behind informing him that the horses weren't till the end in a parade!!!  She didn't get to see the horses SIGH!
Me n Margeaux were of course wonderfully behaved. Maizee however isn't sure of any human besides Mom. First night Maizee headed up to the loft, saying "who are you, what do you want" to Danette. Second night, Maizee was out in the yard and had to be talked into the barn. Poor Danette was texting Mom like crazy hoping to find a way to get her in.  She finally succeeded. This morning Maizee was finally friendly to Danette & asking Danette all sorts of questions. Go figure, Maizee finally gets used to her & Mom comes home!!!  When Mom came home tonight Maizee was so happy with lots of "Mommy your home purring"! I was more of the "Hmmph, so you're home are you" attitude! 

They also went hiking on "Government Island", Mom said she'd post pix of that on another post.  They visited Alexandria, no pix but they really liked it lots.  Course she took tons of pix of Grandpup Molly which she'll also include later. 
Just wanted to share a little of what's been happening and explain my recent absence.  Not my fault as I only have internet access when Mom is home!  And of course I'm WAY behind on reading your blogs.  Sorry bout that.


  1. It sounds like you were well taken care off which is something. Doesn't make up for being left behind though does it.
    Some lovely pics from Mom. I do like seeing what it's like in other countries that I will never go to.
    Snuffles to Jillian to help her recover xx

  2. Too bad you got left behind. . .but DC is probably much to crowded for a drafty hafy girl!
    Quick recovery for Jillian!

  3. The best bit about St Patricks day is the Guinness beer, shhh don't tell anyone but Roller rather liked the taste when he managed to steal some once....

    Hope Jillian feels better soon xxx