Monday, March 4, 2013

Grandfoal pix...

Camryn here:
We have some lovely pix of the upcoming Grandfoal.  Now keep in mind Grandfoal hasn't yet be born so these aren't your typical adorable baby shots.  Still Mom finds them quite adorable :)

Awwwww, don't you think Grandfoal looks just like an adorable little "Pea Pod"?  This ultrasound was done at 8 weeks gestation.

Just a month later at 12 weeks.  Just amazing isn't it!!!  Grandfoal is looking like a Grandfoal already, and boy has it grown.  No more "Pea Pod"!  Won't really be able to tell Colt or Filly for another month but, the tech that did the piktures is leaning towards a Filly.  Mom already has infant cowboy boots all picked out whether Colt or Filly!!! 
Beautiful, just beautiful, I could look at the Grandfoal pix all day.


  1. Aren't they just fab. Being able to view a grandfoal while it's in situ is wonderful. The 1st pic, amazing at just 8 weeks gestation.
    I think colt, well one of us is going to be right..

    1. Yeah it's gonna be a good sized foal what ever gender it is!