Sunday, March 10, 2013

Maizee birthday girl...

Camryn here:
Well, we can't be certain of Maizee's exact birthday since Margeaux showed up with her and the kids after they were probably 3 weeks old (ears still closed).  We're guesstamating that Maizee is gonna be a year old sometime this next week.
This be Maizee about a week after coming.  What a scrawny little thang!

Maizee with Momma Margeaux at about 5 weeks old.  She sure did/does like to explore.

At about 7 weeks trying to appear innocent!
Still pretending to be all innocent at 7 weeks old.

10 weeks old and her real self is coming thru.  Remember this one where she didn't know the electric fence bit?

Maizee today.  What a beauty she's become.  She's still a little imp, exploring & harrassing her Momma.  She loves climbing into the loft to watch Mom, sits in my hay to discuss the weather.  She LOVES Mom and comes running to head butt Mom's hand whenever she see's her.  Except our Onyx, Maizee doesn't have a real liking for dogs, except Mom she tends to be wary of humans too!  Wonder if I'm the only horse she'll ever like and trust?
Happy Birthday Month to our Maizee gurl


  1. Happy Birthday Maizee! It sure does not seem like a whole year has gone by! From a cute little kitty to a pretty cat, what a good girl she has been :)

  2. Happy birthday pretty girl. The year seems to have flown by. Xx

  3. Happy Birthday Maizee, miaows and head butts from across the water xx

  4. Awhhh sopppo pretty! Happy Birthday!!

  5. Maizee asked me to thank you all for the Birthday wishes & compliments. She preciates it a lot.