Friday, January 27, 2017

Could it be...

Perhaps with all that's wrong in the world politically speaking lately, my motley crew here feels a need for peace and harmony?

Each deciding if the other should bugger off...

Yup, they're actually sharing a net. There is another on the opposite wall even...

Merlin: "don't get all excited, this to shall pass!"
 I even got to love on them both without incident. It's in the 30's today, with some pretty forceful winds. The boyz have been hanging in the barn or on their patio most of the day. 

Even Mother and daughter were choosing to be together. Margeaux the calico (Mother) had been bathing Maizee (daughter). They like the Mini's don't always get along. Cold weather tends to bring the girls closer literally. Come summer Margeaux uses the barn for meals and otherwise moves to the front porch.

The Grandsons are learning about sharing inside. Jefferson who turned 1 this week is wishing to be more involved with big brothers doings. Lincoln was teaching him about his farm. 

Went to check out facilities of a not to far away driving instructor. Just a little over 30 minutes, though it's in what we call the snow belt, lessons may be hit and miss depending on snowfall in that area. Lady is highly recommended, very sweet with driving horses of every size. She's in I'd guess her late 70's and has been driving most of her life, her daughter does something with some US driving team  I plan to start ground driving lessons next Wednesday, though Hubs may fall over at the cost of lessons. Nearly double what my riding lessons were!!!  Good thing he's just gotten a work promotion 😊


  1. Nice to see that all creatures are sharing on your farm. :)

    1. Even the dogs. Forgot pic of my two and sons Pot all piled in beanbag together lol.